candleWhen someone we love dies, it’s natural that we should want to mark their passing and give thanks for their life.

If you live in Forton, Saint John’s is YOUR Church, so whatever you believe, you are welcome to hold a funeral for your loved-one here in Church, or to have Mother Carrie or another Priest conduct a service at the Crematorium or Cemetery.

Every family and every person is unique, so we will work with you to make sure the day is exactly as you want it – whether that’s a traditional funeral service with hymns or a celebration of life with music that is special to you.

If you are arranging a funeral service for someone who has died, it’s best to contact a Funeral Director first.  They will be able to discuss with you exactly what you would like, and contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

You are free to use whichever Funeral Director you like.  Here are the links to local firms in Gosport for your convenience (listed in alphabetical order):

The Co-Operative

Churcher & Tribbeck

E.J. Crossland

Ruby Funerals

Solent Funeral Services


Planning Your Own Funeral

It’s not something many of us like to think about, but planning your own funeral is a really good thing to do – even if it is hopefully a long way off!  By setting down your wishes in advance, you can help your family and friends hold a service which is really right for you.  If you’d like a chat with Mother Carrie, please do get in touch her via the contact page on this website.  She’d be more than happy to help.